Application Development

Application Development


Constantly changing business requirements compels to find an alternative approach to the traditional project management methodology. Most of the time at the closure of software development, it is found that the developed software build as per the requirement turns out to be irrelevant for business. The reason is nothing but the changing business realities, which are reassessed only at the end. 

At Deva we follow the Agile Methodology which gives ample opportunities to assess the project goals throughout the SDLC. When a teamstops and re-evaluates the direction of a project every two weeks,there is time to steer it in another direction. Agile empowers teams to continuously replan their release to optimize its value throughout development.

Why Deva Consultancy?

Tailor-Made Application To Best Serve Your Business’ Needs

Our consultants will ensure that the developed software makes a great fit for your business requirement. When the software is in line with the business you can focus more on your business. You can always expect a great ROI in custom applications resulting out of our deep domain knowledge. Future business growth taken into consideration during the development also guarantees an easy upgrade of the software when required.

Result Oriented

At Deva be assured that your software will deliver you all the expected results. Having ensured no superfluous features compared to a packaged software learning process for users would be quick enough.At Deva the SDLC methodology specially derived as per the business needs keeps complete focus on the ultimate results of the software.

Comprehensive AMC

We stand by you even after the handover of the application. We undertake the AMC of the software we developed or any other existing software you already own. Our technical consultants will ensure the smooth operations of the software by providing you personalized and in depth support. With our different support programs you can either opt for an exclusive support engineer at your location or it can also be provided remotely. For remote assistance, we have E-Ticket portals. No sooner a trouble ticket is raised, we get an alert and your issue is responded to immediately.