Website Development

A website is not just mere internet presence but more of your business and brand extension. The businesses are getting more dynamc and so has to be your website. It is not a one time activity and involves continuous efforts.

Business man showing Online shopping concept in color background

Application Development

At Deva be assured that your software will deliver you all the expected results. Having ensured no superfluous features compared to a packaged software learning process for users would be quick enough.


Mobile Solutions

At Deva we will help you grab the opportunity that mobility provides to reshape business and introduce new business strategies ultimately creating new business opportunities.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP Services​

Complete visibility into all the important processes across various departments of an organization especially imperative for the key personnel. Real time data so that you know the exact status of each activity.​


Content Writing

We transfigure your ideas through words and magnetic designs. Our proficiency is in unique, creative and sales-oriented content as well as graphics. With support of captivating design, we generate Creative Content.



At Deva we help you sail swiftly through the Business Transformation which will enable your organization improve performance, increase productivity and efficiency.





Feedo is an ultra-modern way to obtain customer feedback right at the point of sale. Whether a business is a shopping mall, a hotel, a restaurant or an airline, it can benefit from Feedo, which is an economical, convenient, reliable and accurate way to understand the customers feelings home his/her experience at the business premises.

Industries WE Cover


Banking & Finance

Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Industry



Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology- Collage

Health Care

Better transparency across the departments


Food & Beverage

A constant solution for changing needs & patterns!


Travel & Hospitality

Deva-Advantage Bring value to the business

Heavy industry welding


Moulded in Best Practices in Industry

Deva Values

At Deva, professional ethics are of paramount importance. Our people are especially trained in strict adherence to ethical practices whether they are working in house or on site.

Our relations with our people are not of employee-employer kind but of investor-executive kind. We look at our employees as our investors for the simple fact that we feel they invest their time, energy and brains in our business.With these investors to back us, we aim to soar high.
No organization or individual can exist as an island. When you are functioning in the society, you are an integral part of it. We are well aware of this fact and hence, we are committed to be a socially responsible organization.